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Providing Quality Heating Services in Hickory

Since 1999, McKinneys Heating and Air Conditioning has been dedicated to providing the highest quality services to all of our customers. Our Hickory heating contractors work their hardest to ensure that every heating system we work upon is properly maintained. With our assistance, you and your family will always have a reliable source of comfort in your home. You can rely on us for a wide range of heating services in Hickory and the surrounding areas of North Carolina.

Call McKinneys Heating and Air Conditioning today if you need to hire a professionally licensed heating contractor in Hickory. Our staff would be happy to take your call and to schedule your appointment today.

Heating Repairs

heating repairs hickory ncWhen your heating system operates inefficiently, you have to use more energy and spend more money to keep your family comfortable. When your furnace or boiler breaks down, you and your family are deprived of the warmth, comfort, and security that you expect and deserve within your home. At McKinneys Heating and Air Conditioning, our Hickory heating repair contractors are here to help you in either event.

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Heating Installations

heating installations hickory ncWhenever you make a major change to your HVAC system, it is highly recommended that you consult with a professionally licensed expert. Installing a new heating system in your property is a complex process and a big long term investment. At McKinneys Heating and Air Conditioning, our Hickory heating contractors have the knowledge, skill, and experience that you can rely upon to ensure that your heating installation project is a resounding success.

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Heating Tune-Ups

heating services hickory ncWhen you hire our professionals to conduct heating tune-ups, you will receive a number of amazing benefits. First and foremost, your furnace, boiler, or heat pump will operate far more efficiently than it did before it was maintained. In turn, you and your family will enjoy an enhanced level of comfort in your Hickory home. Better yet, you will realize monetary savings on your monthly energy bills.

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Furnace Repairs

furnace repairs hickory ncAt McKinneys Heating and Air Conditioning, our Hickory heating contractors believe that no family should ever have to spend a winter evening without a reliable source of heat and comfort within their homes. For this reason, we make ourselves available to provide all of our customers with emergency furnace repairs around the clock, seven days a week. Because this is so essential, we do no charge extra for our after-hours emergency heating repair services.

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Furnace Replacements

furnace replacements hickory ncIf it is determined that you should replace your furnace, our experts will be available to guide you through the entire selection process. Depending on the layout of your property and your unique performance goals, the size, full type, and other attributes of your optimal furnace will be different. Our professionals can guarantee that you choose a new home comfort system that will be customized specifically to you. You will be pleased with your new furnace for decades to come.

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Boiler Repairs

boiler repairs hickory ncThe key to the high quality boiler repair services that we provide is quite simple. Our professionals can troubleshoot your heating system to identify every problem that is affecting it. We do not stop at simply fixing the major issue. After our boiler repair services, your entire comfort system will be restored to the best possible condition. In this way, your boiler will be less susceptible to further damage and will operate in the most efficient manner possible.

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Heat Pump Repairs

heat pump repairs hickory ncOur Hickory heating contractors are proud to provide our clients with yearly routine heat pump maintenance services. During these efforts, our technicians will troubleshoot your entire HVAC system looking for inefficiencies and lingering issues that, if exacerbated, could lead to major problems. Our heat pump contractors can then conduct repairs on the spot. Afterwards, you can feel confident knowing that your heat pump is in the best condition possible.

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If you need any of the above heating services in Hickory, NC or the surrounding areas, please call 828-544-5570 or complete our online request form.

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