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Exceptional Solutions for Improving Indoor Air Quality in Hickory

At McKinneys Heating and Air Conditioning, our HVAC contractors are proud to provide a full line of services and products to all of our customers for improving indoor air quality in Hickory, NC and the surrounding areas. We can install, maintain, and repair whole-house air cleaners and humidifiers for you. Our professionals are also adept at performing routine duct cleaning services. Together, these efforts can have a tremendously beneficial impact on your family's comfort and well-being within your home.

If you are interested in improving the indoor air quality within your Hickory home or business, call McKinneys Heating and Air Conditioning today. Our courteous and polite staff would be happy to take your call, to answer any indoor air quality questions that you may have, and to schedule your appointment with our Hickory air conditioning company today.

Air Cleaners

air cleaners hickory ncAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is on average 2 to 4 times more polluted than outdoor air. Every time your heating and air conditioning system cycles on, a wide range of contaminants are cycled throughout all of the rooms of your home.

Common indoor air pollutants include dust, dander, pollen, mold, spores, chemicals, and other particulate matter. At high enough concentrations, all of these contaminants can cause negative health consequences, such as asthma, skin irritation, eye irritation, upper respiratory ailments, and more.

By installing a whole-house air cleaner and filtration system directly into your HVAC system, your central air appliances will actively remove these pollutants from the air that you and your family breathe. As such, you and your family will enjoy a heightened level of comfort and well-being within your home.

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humidifiers hickory ncWhen you install a whole-house humidifier into your home, you will vastly improve the comfort that you and your family enjoy on a daily basis. First, during the winter, heating systems are notorious for reducing humidity to uncomfortable levels. By maintaining an ideal relative humidity, the interior of your property will feel more comfortable at lower temperatures.

Second, low humidity levels can also cause a number of problems, namely skin and eye irritation, asthma, nose bleeds, and upper respiratory ailments. In addition, viruses such as the flu and the cold thrive in low humidity environments. A whole-house humidifier can prevent these discomforts and can reduce the likelihood that you and your loved ones will contract infections within your home.

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Duct Cleaning

duct cleaning hickory ncIf your air ducts are dirty, every time that your heater or air conditioner cycles on the pollutants and contaminants present in your duct work and spewed out into your living spaces. Dust, dander, chemicals, smoke, mold, and spores can all cause allergies, asthma, respiratory ailments, discomfort, and more.

By hiring our professionals to conduct routine duct cleanings, you will be able to vastly improve the air that you and your family breathe on a daily basis. The enhanced comfort and well-being that you enjoy will be highly rewarding. Our Hickory indoor air quality specialists would be honored to assist you in this regard.

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If you are interested in improving your property's indoor air quality in Hickory or nearby, please call 828-544-5570 or complete our online request form.

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